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Falco Private Wealth provides a broad range of services covering Investment Management, Portfolio Reporting, Financial Planning, and Family Office services.
Tailored Advice
Our tailored advice is driven by four pillars:

  • Understanding our clients’ wealth and its complexity.
  • Identifying and managing risks within client portfolios.
  • Providing tailored solutions which meet the needs of our clients.
  • Providing the highest quality third-party providers of investment services and products, as well as legal and tax advice where required.

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Our Services
Portfolio Management
We construct and manage risk-adjusted investment portfolios on a bespoke basis for each family so that their portfolio is specific to them and their circumstances. These portfolios are constructed by our experienced investment team and are regularly rebalanced according to both market changes as well as changing client circumstances.
Retirement Planning
Efficient retirement planning is essential in a complex pension landscape and we recognise that each client has a different view of what their retirement will look like. We work closely with our clients to help them establish their retirement goals and construct an appropriate plan to achieve this, which may include the consolidation of multiple employer or personal pension schemes.
Alternative Investments
Being part of the Falco Group enables us to provide exclusive access to Falco Capital’s range of investment opportunities consisting mainly of real estate and private equity. In addition, we have access to a number of providers globally across our network providing access to venture capital, private equity and real estate. Opportunities are diverse and we only select and work with those external providers where we know members of the management team and are able to properly due diligence the underlying investment strategy and assets.
Consolidated Reporting
It is increasingly common for clients to spread their investments between several managers and investment houses which can lead to excessive administration and differing reporting standards. We offer a consolidated portfolio reporting tool which helps clients gain a better understanding of how their portfolio looks as a whole. This can include asset allocation and risk, as well as an analysis of performance and fees.
Cash Flow Planning
We construct bespoke cash flow models to show clients how their portfolios could react to market shocks, as well as to assist in future cash management.
We work with clients to ensure they have sufficient insurance cover in place to protect against any future changes in their employment or health status. We also review existing insurance policies to ensure they remain appropriate.
Tax Planning
We assist clients in structuring their portfolios in a tax-efficient manner and work with several experienced tax advisers to achieve this when required. We also oversee non-domiciled tax planning for those with overseas assets or those looking to move overseas in the future.
Third-Party Advisers & Managers
We have an extensive network in place with trusted providers and advisers to deliver solutions to our clients where we don’t provide them ourselves. We have relationships across most of the services sector which are continuously vetted and managed. This ranges from accountants to mortgage brokers, domestic and international lawyers to Investment Managers and overseas tax experts. We work in tandem with them in order to manage the advice process and make these services more accessible when required.